Git for Designers

A friendly, no nonsense guide to Git.

Not really sure what Git is or why you’d want it?
Is the command line a frightening place?
Afraid you’re going to mess up and lose your work?

Imagine if you knew where, when, and why to use Git. Git for Designers is an e-book that’ll get you there. Beef up your technical chops, deliver more value to your client or employer, and hang with the developers like you belong there.

Git for Designers is divided into fast-reading sections (with illustrations!) that explain the most common commands, branching, dealing with conflicts, and why source control is badass. Basically, everything you need to be a productive, happy Git user.

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Who is this guy? Git for Designers is being written by Tom Creighton. I am, indeed, a designer who’s worked with Git professionally and personally, and I think it‘s pretty darn helpful.